Character Creation

Each player will play a short prologue with a small group (3-5) of first level characters who spend their age-appropriate year of maturity on the island of Bronzehelm. Each of them will have been groomed by mentors or hard knocks to be worthy to take on the Rite of Adulthood. At the end of the year, each undertakes a dangerous, life-changing journey with a group of peers. The bonds and perils of this rite are never forgotten, but, generally speaking, one of these characters will be the player’s character for the campaign. Your group of characters are familiar with each other and generally are willing to be cooperative.

Use the following rules in creating each of your first level characters; you should make no more than five and no less than three:

Use the Heroic (2d6 +6) method to generate your ability scores. You may re-roll one time if your total is less than 70. Given that you’re building 3-5, try not to obsess over these. You may elect to make all of your rolls in advance and then build the rest of each character.

Choose a race from the Core or Common lists below; races from the Uncommon list appear in the setting, but are generally not suited to become player characters in the campaign (possible with GM permission):
Core: Dwarf, Gillmen, Grippli, Human, Merfolk, Oread, Sylph, Ratfolk, Undine.
Common: Aasimar, Catfolk, Elf, Fetchling, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Nagaji, Samsaran, Tengu, Tiefling, Vishkanya.
Uncommon: Goblin, Ifrit, Kobold, Orc, Suli, Samsaran

Chose two traits as outlined in Ultimate Campaign. You may elect to take a drawback and an additional trait. Campaign-Specific traits are here. We will use the Hero point system outlined here, including the antihero system.

Choose a core or base class published by Paizo that is not: Wizard, Witch, or Arcanist or from Occult Adventures. If a version of the class exists in Pathfinder Unchained, it is assumed that you will use that version. Talk to the GM before applying archetypes to your character.

Note: Gunslingers are allowable with GM permission, as are gun-related archetypes. We’ll use the Emerging Firearms paradigm outlined here.

Also, treat equipment gold rolls as though each character rolled the maximum result.

One other important word on classes: This world is almost entirely Monotheistic: the main deity—whose name is not spoken aloud—has two distinct aspects: the Lawful Neutral Creator [domains: Community (Family Subdomain), Earth, Law (Legislation Subdomain), Repose (Ancestors Subdomain), Rune (Legislation Subdomain)] and the Neutral Good Redeemer [domains: Community, Earth, Good (Redemption Subdomain) , Protection (Purity Subdomain), Strength (Fist and Resolve Subdomains)]. Do with this as you will. Players wishing to draw more specific inspiration, particularly for more religious characters, should consult this page, and this page then consult with the GM for more details.

Character Creation

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