Stars over Seas

Player Questionnaire

Please fill out the following information about your character (or each of your characters). You can email/message them to me, or attach them to your updated character sheet on Obsidian Portal—use the player secret tab if needed.

  • Name
  • Alignment
  • How would you describe your character in four to eight words?
  • What does your character think of as his home? Her job? His role in society at large?
  • What does your character physically look like? How much of this is disguises or magic to appear different? Is your character the center of attention any time she walks into a room?
  • How does your character feel about familial or personal allegiances? What is the role of civil allegiance in your character’s life? Does your character or his extended family have notable enemies?
  • How important, if at all, is religious devotion or faith important to your character?
  • Does your character have any unusual abilities? Which of these abilities are generally hold back?
  • Lastly: Player Phone number?


BenjaminBuckmaster BenjaminBuckmaster

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